The Famous 1952 Topps Baseball Card Set

In 1951, Topps entered the card industry by producing two card-sets that allowed players to simulate actual baseball games. These cards more closely resembled traditional playing cards and the sets were limited to only 52 cards each. In 1952, Topps released one of the most beloved sets in the hobby, which unofficially set the standards […]

Buying Key First Appearance Silver Age Marvel Comics

As the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) continues to expand, the demand for key, first appearance comic books has grown. Between 1961-1965, Marvel introduced new characters and teams that would leave an indelible mark in the comic book world. At Memorabilia Brokers, we are actively looking to purchase key first appearance comic books, including but not […]

The 1952 Topps Mickey Mantle #311: Type 1 and Type 2

The 1952 Topps baseball card set is without question, one of the greatest and most beloved in the hobby. Amongst the many iconic cards contained within, Mickey Mantle #311 is not only king of the set, but is also one of the most iconic baseball cards of all time. Although Mantle’s true rookie card debuted […]

1st Comic Book Appearance of Loki in Journey Into Mystery #85

Promotional image from Marvel Studio's Loki

With the release of Marvel Studios: Loki on Disney+, Thor’s arch-nemesis has once again taken center stage in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Loki’s roots in Marvel dig deep, and his first comic appearance  for the “Marvel Age” was in Journey Into Mystery #85 (October 1962) – a comic book that we at Memorabilia Brokers are […]

Sport Card Collection Boom During the Pandemic

1953 Topps Mickey Mantle, slabbed; a highly desirable card in the sport card collection hobby field.

As people were forced to adapt to the ever-changing atmosphere of the COVID-19 pandemic, the sport card collection hobby saw a tremendous boom in demand and value, with some attributing this boom to collectors’ desire to have something nostalgic to accompany their investment. Third-party authenticators saw unprecedented demand for raw cards to be slabbed, and […]

Is Sending Out Trading Cards For Grading Worth It??

Is It Worth It To Grade Trading Cards?? Is It Worth It To Grade Trading Cards??  This is a loaded question.  Professional grading can definitely help your bottom line.  I have seen occasions time and again where slabbing means a world a difference in price.  Trading cards that sold originally for $100 become worth $10,000.  […]

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