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Is Sending Out Trading Cards For Grading Worth It??

Is It Worth It To Grade Trading Cards?? Is It Worth It To Grade Trading Cards??  This is a loaded question.  Professional grading can definitely help your bottom line.  I have seen occasions time and again where slabbing means a world a difference in price.  Trading cards that sold originally for $100 become worth $10,000.  […]

A New Era Of Collecting: What’s In VS What’s Out

What Are Collectors Looking For? What are collectors looking for these days? Though the question fits any era, this is a perfect thought for 2019 and beyond. The memorabilia markets have shifted more this year than in the prior decade; older collectors have started cutting back on collecting. Now these collectors are looking to sell […]

The Key To The W514 Baseball “Strip” Card Set

Back before baseball cards were packaged with gum and sold in wax wrappers, they were sold in strips of 5 or 10 from the late teens through the late 20’s.  They were then hand cut by the purchaser into individual, miniature baseball cards which looked much like the cigarette cards from the early 1900’s.  The […]

Game Used Vs Team Issued: The Difference Is Huge

Collecting authentic game used memorabilia can prove to be a tough feat.  It is very important to understand the difference between team issued memorabilia and memorabilia that was actually used in an official game.  One piece of such memorabilia that is often the center of confusion are jerseys. When examining various jerseys it is first […]

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