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LeBron James Autographed Memorabilia and Slabbed Cards

As Los Angeles Lakers forward LeBron James approaches the start of his 20th NBA season, demand for his memorabilia remains as strong as ever. His signature is one of the most desirable amongst active athletes in the game today. Autographs from early in his career often carry an additional premium, as collectors look for early examples […]

We are Buying Autographs Certified by PSA/DNA, JSA and Beckett

Within the hobby of autograph collecting, provenance and authentication are paramount in establishing an item’s value. Without it, collectors are left to question the authenticity of the items they’d otherwise be interested in adding to their collections. The hobby has been proliferated by non-genuine “autographs” created by skilled forgers who seek to dupe collectors who […]

Buying PSA/DNA & JSA Certified Signatures

At Memorabilia Brokers, we are actively seeking and paying competitively for autographs certified by PSA/DNA and JSA. Fans of athletes, celebrities, actors, musicians and political figures collect original signatures as a means to obtain a personal piece of history. Signatures originating from the height of one’s playing career (i.e. Jackie Robinson’s first year with the […]

The Famous 1952 Topps Baseball Card Set

In 1951, Topps entered the card industry by producing two card-sets that allowed players to simulate actual baseball games. These cards more closely resembled traditional playing cards and the sets were limited to only 52 cards each. In 1952, Topps released one of the most beloved sets in the hobby, which unofficially set the standards […]

Is Sending Out Trading Cards For Grading Worth It??

Is It Worth It To Grade Trading Cards?? Is It Worth It To Grade Trading Cards??  This is a loaded question.  Professional grading can definitely help your bottom line.  I have seen occasions time and again where slabbing means a world a difference in price.  Trading cards that sold originally for $100 become worth $10,000.  […]

A New Era Of Collecting: What’s In VS What’s Out

What Are Collectors Looking For? What are collectors looking for these days? Though the question fits any era, this is a perfect thought for 2019 and beyond. The memorabilia markets have shifted more this year than in the prior decade; older collectors have started cutting back on collecting. Now these collectors are looking to sell […]

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