We Are Actively Looking For and Buying CGC Graded Comic Books!

Certified Guarantee Company (CGC) is a third party that professionally grades comic books. As the comic book collecting hobby continues to boom, there has been an increasing demand for comics that are already graded by CGC. At Memorabilia Brokers, we are actively looking for and paying competitively for CGC graded comic books.

Comics from the Golden Age (1938-1956) and Silver Age (1956-1970) are of particular interest due to their rarity and historical significance. We are also looking for key Bronze Age (1970-1984) comics, including but not limited to: Incredible Hulk #181Giant Size X-Men #1X-Men #94Star Wars #1Amazing Spider-Man #129Green Lantern #76 and more.

If you have CGC graded comic books that you are interested in selling, give us a call at 1-800-555-6741 or email us at support@memorabiliabrokers.com.

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