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Game Used & Team Issued Jerseys & Equipment - WHAT WE BUY

There is absolutely no other way to feel closer to the action or to your favorite athletes than to pick up a piece of game used history.

Collectors treasure memorabilia such as:

  • Game Used Jerseys
  • Game Used Bats/Sticks
  • Game Used Gloves

Other collectible game used memorabilia such as balls and pucks if signed and inscribed by a key player are also in high demand. In May of 2012, a game-worn 1920 Babe Ruth Jersey sold for $4.4 million. Our in house authenticator will evaluate your game used memorabilia based off any labels or tagging that are naturally on the pieces along with any provenance that is provided. Pieces with provenance naturally carry higher values since they will achieve a better authentication grade overall than a piece with little to no provenance. Non the less items without provenance can still be authenticated by us and evaluated based on the current market. If pieces lack some labeling or tagging it is no problem our authenticator will still be able to examine your memorabilia for other evidence that the pieces were or were not definitively used in a big league game. Other companies and auction houses may turn authentic pieces away due to the fact that they lack the knowledge and experience necessary to authenticate these incomplete pieces. Memorabilia that is game or team issued but has not seen any play are also in record high demand. Collectors who can’t afford pieces used in a game or who simply want an exact copy of an item that seen play will jump to purchase issued items. Other companies again may shy away from these items but we have a consistent track record of paying higher than any other source for these pieces. Any game used or game issued memorabilia that has paper work from PSA/DNA, SGC, or directly from a specific team will receive additional premiums.