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Game Used & Team Issued Jerseys & Equipment - WHAT WE BUY

There is absolutely no other way to feel closer to the action or to your favorite athletes than to pick up a piece of game used history.

Collectors treasure memorabilia such as:

  • Game Used Jerseys

  • Game Used Bats/Sticks

  • Game Used Balls/Pucks

  • Game Used Gloves

  • Game Used Helmets

  • Game Used Cleats/Sneakers

In June of 2019, a 1928-30 Babe Ruth game worn jersey sold for $5,640,000. In May of 2021, a Michael Jordan game-worn North Carolina jersey sold for $1,380,000. Our in-house authenticator will evaluate your game-used memorabilia by examining the items: tagging, size, season identifiers, patches, etc. along with the provenance provided. Items with provenance carry higher values. Items without a COA or LOA can still be authenticated by using photography from the games to photo-match the items based on stains, marks, stitching, and other unique identifiers.

Game-issued items are manufactured directly for the athlete, but not used in the games themselves. Examples include backup jerseys that are prepared in the event the jersey the athlete wears gets torn or damaged.

Professional model jerseys exhibit many (if not all) of the appropriate characteristics specific to an athlete’s use but lack the provenance to prove that they originated from the teams/players themselves.

Items that come from team LOAs/COAs or professional photo-matching will command greater premiums.