Some of the Bronze Age Comics we are looking to buy

During the Bronze Age of comic book history, the superhero theme continued however there was a return of darker plots and storylines relavant to the time period similar to how comic books were written during the Golden Age.These storylines revolved around social issues such as racism, drug use, alcoholism, and urban poverty. Stan Lee in 1971 was approached by the United States Department of health to write a story about the dangers of drug abuse. This led to Stan Lee’s three part Spider-Man story – The Green Goblin Reborn!The Comics Code Authority refused to approve it, however this event soon led to the revision of the CCA’s rules and guidelines which allowed drug abuse to be used in comic books, but only if the writer was using it to show the harm it can cause. Writer Danny O’Neil wrote the Green Lantern / Green Arrow storyline – Snowbirds Don’t Fly – which showed Green Arrow’s sidekick Speedy battling with a heroin addiction. Other changes by the CCA also allowed for the return of horror comics. This led to new characters such as Ghost Rider and Swamp Thing. Other horror titles included The Tomb of Dracula, The Unexpected, The Witching Hour, and House of Secrets among many other titles.
Another notable aspect of the Bronze Age was the beginning of minority superheroes. This began with characters such as Marvel’s Luke Cage who was the first black superhero to star in his own comic book in 1972. Others that followed included Storm, Blade, and Monica Rambeau. DC’s line up included John Stewart, Bronze Tiger, Black Lightning, Vixen, and Cyborg. Cyborg and Storm’s popularity grew enormously to the point that they were the clear leaders of the Teen Titans and the X-Men. Popularity of Women superheroes began to drastically increase as well with new characters such as Spider-Woman, She-Hulk, Black Cat, and Mockingbird coming onto the scene.
We are avidly searching out and buying all titles from this time period regardless of condition. These comics have stood the test of time and will always hold a special place in the hearts of collectors. Please reach out to us even if books are not complete. Our in house professional grader will grade each book, if books have not been graded by CGC, to assure top dollar is paid based on the current market.