The Golden Age of COmics

The Golden Age of comics began with the first appearance of Superman® in Action Comics #1, which was released in June of 1938. DC Comics® followed up with Batman®, Robin®, Wonder Woman®, The Flash®, Green Lantern®, and more. Timely Comics (who later became Marvel®) joined the genre with superheroes of their own: The Human Torch®, Sub-Mariner®, Captain America® and Bucky Barnes (who later became The Winter Soldier®). Fawcett Publications created Captain Marvel  (not to be confused with Marvel® Comics’ superheroine of the same name!), who collectors today know as Shazam, debuting in Whiz Comics #2 (#1) in February of 1940.

During World War II, comic book superheroes joined the Allies in their fight against the Axis powers; patriotic front covers from this time period are of particular interest to collectors. After the war, interest in the superhero genre began to decline and would not see a true resurgence until the mid-1950s, at the dawn of what came to be known as the Silver Age of comics.

We are looking to purchase:

  • Superhero comics (Superman®, Batman®, Wonder Woman®, Captain America®, and more)
  • M.L.J. comics (Archie, Betty, Veronica, The Shield and more)
  • Western comics
  • War comics
  • Romance comics
  • Science Fiction comics
  • And more!

We are also interested in comic books that have been professionally graded by third parties (CGC and CBCS).