Petroliana-Mania Original Texaco Gas Pump Price Signs


Petroliana-Mania has become an epidemic in the US ever since the American Pickers hit the History Channel in January of 2010.

Cans, Signs, and Gas Pumps

Almost overnight Gargoyle Oil Signs and Harley Davidson Oil Cans began to rise in value.  Collectors and Investors alike are scrounging to find and preserve any remnants of the gas and oil business from the 1920’s through the 1960’s.  Above all, this includes dealer signs, oil cans, and even gas pumps.  Pictured are two original 1920’s/1930’s Texaco visible gas pump price signs.  Although they have weathered the elements, they have survived now almost 100 years later maintaining a market value of $200-$400 each.  However small or insignificant something may seem, it may be the final piece to a restorer’s petroliana puzzle.

“Rusty Gold”

Even if your collection contains original signs that have holes or are brittle from rust you may be surprised by their value.  Original dealer signs are nearly impossible to find these days.  The rarer companies include Sinclair, Dixie, and Marathon.  In any condition these signs are serious investments for collectors and history buffs.  We will travel right to you, so give us a call with any questions pertaining to your collections.

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