Within the hobby of autograph collecting, provenance and authentication are paramount in establishing an item’s value. Without it, collectors are left to question the authenticity of the items they’d otherwise be interested in adding to their collections.

The hobby has been proliferated by non-genuine “autographs” created by skilled forgers who seek to dupe collectors who cannot tell the difference. Many forgeries are obvious but others can appear nearly indistinguishable to those who do not professionally authenticate autographs.

Three of the most notable third party authenticators of autographs are PSA/DNA, JSA and Beckett. We here at Memorabilia Brokers are actively seeking out and paying competitively for autographs certified by PSA/DNA, JSA and Beckett. This includes items signed by athletes, musicians, entertainers, historical figures and more.

If you have autographed items that come with certification, please email us at support@memorabiliabrokers.com or call us directly at 1-800-555-6741.

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