Captain America's vibranium shield
Captain America’s vibranium shield. Captain America and the Captain America logo copyright Marvel Comics.

Captain America first debuted in March of 1941 in Captain America Comics #1. Unlike other superheroes of the time who debuted in anthology titles: Superman in Action Comics, Batman in Detective Comics, the Human Torch, and Sub-Mariner in Marvel Comics, Captain America debuted in his own series instead of as a guest appearance.

This book has withstood the test of time, becoming one of the ten most valuable and desirable comic books of the Golden Age. Cap’s first appearance also featured the first appearances of Bucky Barnes (who later became the Winter Soldier) and his arch-nemesis, the Red Skull.

Created by Joe Simon and Jack Kirby, Cap was one of the first notable creations brought to Marvel Universe by the latter. Kirby later helped co-create the Fantastic Four, the X-Men, the Avengers, the Hulk, Iron Man and many others.

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