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Gas Pumps

Gas pumps were originally invented in the 1880’s by a company located in Fort Wayne, Indiana.  The Bowser company without even knowing it, paved the way for the first gas stations of the 1920’s.  Originally during the 1920’s there were problems with dirty gas, so gas pumps had clear glass cylinders so that you could see exactly what you were paying for.  Gas pumps also had a clock face that kept track of how many gallons of gas customers were pumping and had beautiful art deco design.  These “visible gas pumps” from the 1920’s and 30’s as they came to be known are very rare and collectible especially if found with their original glass cylinders.  On top of the gas pumps were glass globes that advertised for different brands and companies including but not limited to: Chief Gasoline, Gulf, Mobilgas, Texaco, and Sinclair Gasoline among others.  Gas globes would glow and help drivers to recognize brands and fill up stations at night since lighting was poor.  By the 1960’s, the concept of the gas globe had faded out along with the beautiful tall and slender design of the gas pumps to only be replaced by the ugly box shaped gas pumps of today.  Since gas globes were fragile, they are tough to come by since many were worn down by the elements or broken.

Vintage Oil Cans

Back in the day at fill up stations, customer would receive VIP treatment when they pulled in for a tank of gas.  Your oil would be checked regularly and if you needed to be topped off, a mechanic would grab an oil can and add what was needed.  Nobody ever thought to save the oil cans however after all was said and done.  These cans featured beautiful artwork for whichever company they were advertising for.  Some of the more sought after companies include Gargoyle Oil, Harley Davidson, and Mobil Oil.  Vintage oil cans that are unopened carry a significant premium.  They are judged, when determining value, upon their overall eye appeal, rarity, and company’s popularity with collectors.

Vintage Porcelain Gas & Service Signs

Porcelain signs gave identity and style to gas stations around the country.  These signs had brilliant color schemes and sported their own mascots to draw in customers.  From a distance travelers would see the peaceful green brontosaurus or the fierce T-Rex even before reading the sign and know that they were approaching a Sinclair Gas Station.  Another famous icon, which lives on today, is the Flying Pegasus which Mobil proudly calls their own.  Signs with attractive graphics and engaging slogans will fetch premiums.  Double sided signs are especially coveted by collectors today since they are far more rare than single sided signs.  These signs look great in man caves or in garages alongside vintage cars and motorcycles of the same time period.  We are actively paying premiums for signs that have survived including:


    • Harley Davidson Full Service
    • Mobil gas
    • Sinclair
    • Gulf
    • Indian Motorcycles
    • Valvoline
    • Ford
    • Texaco
    • Gargoyle
    • Kendall
    • Dixie
    • Mohawk
    • Shelby Mustang
    • Pan-Am
 If you have any signs for companies that are not listed please contact us for a free evaluation.  Pump plates and dealer signs are also welcome